Teledentistry: Boon or Bane

Teledentistry: Boon or Bane

March 1, 2023

Over the past couple of years since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, Teledentistry has become popular because of its innovative purpose of bringing dental clinics to patients instead of having patients visit dentists. However, the creative idea has received acclamation for highlighting convenience in dentistry concerns have been raised that many Teledentistry services are merely offering preventive care without providing solutions to most dental problems.

While you might notice the brighter side of Teledentistry near you in schools and communities, the people engaging in providing these services are considered alarming because of fraudulent dental services. Therefore it is essential to inquire whether Teledentistry is a boon or bane in the current circumstances.

Accessing Dental Care

A significant problem confronted by many people is accessing dental services when affected by a dental situation and located in far-off communities. For example, despite needing dental care urgently, you might find driving to the dentist near you challenging because of the pain you experience. In addition, you must also consider whether the dentist you visit will see you on arrival because most dental techniques have a list of patients on any day. What happens if the dentist nearby is not working and you experience an emergency dental situation?

While preventive dental care helps resolve short-term problems, it does provide access to dentists in many communities through Teledentistry. People are reluctant to visit a dental clinic across the road when confronting dental issues. However, they are okay with calling Teledentistry facilities to inquire about dental problems for its convenience.

Finding Cures Conveniently

What would you do if you had to consult a dentist with a dental problem when working in the office and noticed the nearby clinic offering Teledentistry in Dublin, CA, and received prompt treatment allowing you to return to work within the hour without experiencing any discomfort? Wouldn’t you consider that as convenient because you didn’t have to schedule an appointment or travel for an hour navigating traffic and enduring pain because mobile dental clinics are dedicated to reaching out to different types of communities, including seniors and the disabled? The focus of Teledentistry is not just to provide preventive dentistry but also to ensure they make the healing process easier according to the needs of different communities.

Infrastructure And Facilities

Does Teledentistry sound comprehensive and include many processes? Teledentistry is expensive because the facilities providing the service must use gasoline carrying around heavy equipment or an entire facility to communities. Transportation is a problem concerning most Teledentistry providers, especially when they must reach elevated places. Compared to traditional dental clinics fully equipped with tools and infrastructure, Mobile dental services confront a challenge when dealing with the problem.

As a single mobile van is insufficient to fit a dental clinic, there are multiple portable units carrying inventory moving on the road simultaneously. In addition, if the dental facility needs to maintain a specific piece of equipment, it is easily replaced in a mobile dental clinic without disrupting the operative process. As a result, teledentistry clinics often confront challenges. However, planning and implementation help these facilities prosper by converting a disadvantage into an innovation with a purpose.

When innovations are introduced to make life more accessible, society has a norm to function as a critique. However, the overall benefits and advantages offered by Teledentistry make it essential for everyone to thank this idea that surfaced to manage situations like the lack of access to dental care for many communities and the inconvenience of getting a cure for dental problems in communities with seniors and the disabled.

If evolution and development never cease, discussions about Teledentistry being a boon or bane will continue until there are no more arguments on the adverse effects of these services despite contradicting opinions.

The coronavirus pandemic has largely subsided worldwide except for a few countries. Although the pandemic was devastating and proved a bane for everyone, it gave the world a boon in disguise in the form of Teledentistry, making dental services accessible to everyone and is set to continue providing dental services as required by people merely by calling a dental clinic to receive the desired services.

If you don’t have access to dental care, kindly call View Mobile Dental inquiring about Teledentistry services. The practice will help you access dental services by phone or videoconferencing to help with the dental situation affecting you.

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