Teeth Alignment Problems That Orthodontics Can Fix

Teeth Alignment Problems That Orthodontics Can Fix

February 1, 2023

Several factors can affect not only your smile but also your overall oral health. Key among these factors is orthodontic dental health issues. Orthodontic problems such as teeth alignment can negatively impact your smile, making you self-conscious about smiling and laughing freely.

Apart from this, teeth alignment problems also impact your oral health, leaving you exposed to periodontal diseases and tooth decay. Opting to have this orthodontic issue addressed by our dentist in Dublin goes beyond improving your aesthetics; it also improves your oral health, speech, and even ability to chew food properly.

You do not have to face the discomfort that comes with teeth alignment problems. This is because orthodontics offers several treatment options that can transform your smile and oral health today.

What Are Some of the Common Teeth Alignment Issues Orthodontics Can Fix?

Teeth alignment issues or malocclusion is one of the most common orthodontic health problems that force individuals to look for orthodontics in Dublin. Malocclusions can range from very severe to mild cases; the severity of your alignment issue will determine the treatment plan our dentist selects and the duration of your treatment plan.

Here are some of the common malocclusion issues that orthodontics near you can rectify;

  • Crowded Teeth

Overcrowded teeth are one of the most prevalent teeth alignment issues. In this case, your teeth may appear bunched up, overlapped, or even twisted. Crowding teeth can occur when your teeth fail to find sufficient space to grow properly or position themselves.

This alignment problem can make you to have difficulties cleaning your teeth during daily oral hygiene sessions, promoting tooth decay and periodontal dental health problems.

Overcrowded teeth, no matter how severe, can be rectified using orthodontic treatments such as braces ensuring that your oral health and smile are restored and improved.

  • Poor Spacing

Having poorly aligned teeth can also bring about unnecessary spaces between teeth. These spaces encourage the accumulation of food particles and become breeding grounds for bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Gaps in between teeth occur when your teeth cannot sufficiently fill the spaces available. Orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign clear aligners can gradually push the affected teeth into the proper positions rectifying the gap issues.

  • Open Bites

This is a bite-related dental issue when the upper and lower front teeth do not interact as they should. This can be brought about when a patient’s teeth become poorly aligned due to childhood habits such as excessive use of pacifiers or thumb sucking.

In some cases, patients outgrow this issue; however, this alignment issue can be carried into adulthood in some severe instances.

Orthodontics in Dublin offers solutions that can correct this bite-related issue.

  • Overbites

An overbite is a teeth alignment issue when the top front teeth jet outwards further than they should normally. This results in a pronounced gap between the upper and lower teeth.

Overbites can be corrected using customized braces that gradually push your teeth and jaw bone moving your affected teeth into their correct position.

  • Underbites

This is an alignment issue that occurs when the bottom front teeth jet forward and outwards then they should. This makes a patient’s chin look awkward and can affect a patient’s ability to chew food or speak properly.

This orthodontic problem can also be rectified using customized braces that can gradually shift the jaw and affected teeth into their correct positions.

  • Crossbites

In this case, a patient’s upper teeth tend to slide inside the lower teeth. Crossbites cause patients to be susceptible to dental health issues such as gum disease, chipping, excessive wearing down, and prevalent tooth sensitivity.

Crossbites can also be rectified using customized braces, guaranteeing that your oral health will be restored.

Any of these orthodontic issues can be addressed and rectified thanks to the several treatment options available at our dentist near you. Opting to fix these issues is not only about aesthetics; it also goes a long way in restoring oral health.

If you suffer from teeth alignment issues, do not hesitate to contact us today at View Mobile dental for your customized orthodontic treatment plan.

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