Tooth Extractions in Dublin, CA

Here at View Mobile Dental, we work hard to prevent tooth loss. We prefer to explore all conservative treatment options before settling on tooth removal. However, if tooth removal is in your best interests, our dentists may recommend an extraction to get your oral health back on track.

While most individuals associate extractions with great pain, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to advanced dental technology and our dentists’ skillful expertise, extractions at View Mobile Dental are straightforward, safe, and painless.

Simple Vs. Surgical Extractions

We offer two types of extractions in Dublin, CA—surgical and non-surgical extractions. Non-surgical or simple extractions are commonly performed on easily accessible teeth. These are relatively easy procedures that involve little to no downtime and short recovery times. You may need a simple extraction if you have a decayed tooth or if you need to solve the problem of crowded teeth.

Surgical extractions are mainly performed on impacted wisdom teeth or teeth that aren’t easily accessible. During this type of extraction, our dentists make an incision in the connective tissue to access the tooth. Surgical extractions are more extensive in comparison to simple extractions and often require more extended downtime.

Whether you need a surgical or simple extraction, you can be confident that we’ll go the extra mile to guarantee your comfort at all times. If you experience dental anxiety, our dentists near you are happy to discuss the various sedation options that can help you stay calm while in the dentist’s chair.

Next Steps After an Extraction

At the end of your appointment, our dentists in Dublin, CA give you detailed after-care instructions regarding the next steps after your procedure. It’s crucial that you adhere to these guidelines to ensure timely healing and recovery.

We may also discuss your teeth replacement options if this is on the cards. We usually recommended that you consider teeth replacement soon after extraction to minimize your risk of bone atrophy and other complications associated with tooth loss.

If you’re removing some of your teeth as a pre-requisite step to orthodontic treatment, our dentist near me will advise you accordingly.

Are you looking for a family-friendly, multi-specialty dental office that offers safe and painless extractions near you? Call View Mobile Dental today to arrange an appointment with our dentist 94568.

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