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At View Mobile Dental, we understand that many people who require dental care may not be able to access our dental practice. We are committed to reaching people in Dublin, CA, who may not be able to visit our main office by providing mobile services. Our mobile service is ready to help the senior community achieve good oral health by providing them with quality treatment.

Good oral hygiene is an aspect of health that can fall by the wayside in people’s senior years. Lack of transportation can lead seniors to cut out treating their oral health and getting dental treatment when they need it. Our multiple dentists provide care and treatment to seniors by meeting them where they live.

Health Care Needs

The need for proper dental health care does not go away with age. Just as with many other health aspects, oral health needs to be looked at carefully when treating senior patients. Needing dentures or other kinds of teeth replacement is often necessary at this stage of life. Dentures not only help seniors feel more confident, but they also help people eat and speak better.

Maintaining proper oral health is necessary for everyone, including seniors, to live healthily and happily. From regular cleaning to false teeth and dentures, our dental team is happy to help seniors with all of their oral health needs by providing gentle, efficient, and comprehensive care.


One reason that so many seniors may stop getting dental services regularly is the inconvenience of traveling to a dentist’s office. Our mobile services bring the office to senior communities and senior living facilities. We can spend our time treating everyone in the home and facility at once to make sure that everyone gets the quality care they need. Our mobile services exist to help the most vulnerable and lack the most access to care.

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To find out more about our mobile dentistry, you can call us to learn more. We are ready to serve our community by helping the vulnerable in Dublin, CA, who need dental care and cannot access it easily.

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