Dental Sealants in Dublin, CA

Tooth sealants are thin resin coatings that protect the back teeth against cavities. Sealants bar bacteria, acids, food debris, and plaque from accessing the molars and premolars’ deep grooves, hence lowering the risk of cavities. Our dentist in Dublin, CA recommend getting sealants for your child as soon as their first permanent molars come in, usually around age 6.

Once applied, sealants provide effective protection against childhood dental caries for many years. For best results, we advise adhering to a strict oral hygiene routine. This includes scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings for your child. This way, our dentists near you can keep a close eye on their dental health and provide timely intervention when necessary.

View Mobile Dental is a preferred dental office that provides sealants in Dublin, CA. Remember, sealants aren’t reserved for children only. Adults, too, can get tooth sealants to keep cavities at bay. If you’re interested in sealants as an adult, your teeth must be cavity-free and without dental fillings.

Sealants Treatment Process

We start by examining the child’s teeth to check for cavities and any other ongoing problems. If the patient has active dental issues that require a dentist’s attention, we address these first before moving on to the sealants treatment process.

If no issues are identified, we clean the teeth thoroughly to eliminate any harmful bacteria, food debris, and plaque that may be present in the oral cavity. Next, the teeth are dried, and an acid solution is applied to etch the tooth surfaces. Sealant material adheres better to rougher surfaces.

Once etched, the teeth are rinsed and dried, and the sealant material is careful applied onto the tooth enamel. Our dentist 94568 may prefer to use a curing light to facilitate the hardening process.

The sealants treatment process is entirely painless, and no anesthesia is required.

Benefits of Sealants

Tooth sealants are a crucial component of preventive dentistry. Once applied, sealants cut down the risk of cavities by up to 80 percent for the first two years after application and 50 percent for up to four years.

Because they lower the risk of tooth decay, sealants eliminate the need for extensive and expensive dental treatments such as tooth fillings, root canal treatment, and crowns.

Your child’s oral health impacts their overall well-being. As such, sealants can boost a child’s well-being by helping them avoid common dental problems that can interfere with their self-esteem and development.

In the matter of your child’s oral health, we don’t recommend leaving anything to chance. Reach out to View Mobile Dental today to learn more about sealants near you.

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