View Mobile Dental in Dublin, CA, is looking for a dental assistant to provide clinical and administrative support. Applicants must be ready to work with multiple dentists and patients in different kinds of dental procedures.

Our dental services work with patients from different backgrounds. Applicants should be prepared to work with a diverse clientele and provide quality care to all patients. Our client base also includes children, so applicants should be prepared to work with patients of all ages. Strong people skills are a must to be successful in this position.


View Mobile Dental provides care across different dental procedures. The ideal candidate will have the following minimum qualifications

  • Registered as a dental assistant or x-ray licensed
  • Dental office experience
  • Computer skills
  • People skills
  • Excellent communicator
  • Solid work history

Our dental office also does telehealth and virtual consultations. Experience in either of these services is also useful. Applicants should also be interested in cross-training to learn all phases of the dental practice.

Job Duties

As a dental assistant, your job will be to assist the dentist. This can cover different aspects, from helping with the actual procedure to completing paperwork before and after the dental work. Patients may also need help with paperwork or have questions that need to be answered. Your job duties will also cover assisting patients during these times.

There may also be times that you will be required to complete some dental procedures without the dentist. When a dental assistant is working alone with a patient, they must be able to create a relaxing environment to help the patient and answer any questions the patient may have. Dental assistants should display confidence when working with patients.

Sound Like You?

If View Mobile Dental sounds like a place where you would like to work, we want to hear from you. We view dental assistants as full members of our valued dental team and are ready to work with you. If interested, complete the candidate registration form, and we will be in contact with you.

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