How Traditional Braces Can Fix Your Teeth and Jaw Problems

How Traditional Braces Can Fix Your Teeth and Jaw Problems

February 1, 2024

Do you have crooked or crowded teeth, jaw problems, or a misaligned bite? If so, you may be concerned about how your smile looks and how well you can clean your teeth. These problems won’t go away by themselves. You need to see a dentist near you for a solution to fix your dental issues.

Traditional braces in Dublin, CA, are metal wires and brackets that attach to your teeth and move them into the right positions. They have been around for a long time, but they have improved over the years. Now, they are smaller and more comfortable than before. You can also choose clear or tooth-colored ceramic braces that look more natural.

Can Adults Wear Braces?

Dental braces near you are not only for children. Adults can also wear braces to correct their dental problems. However, it may take longer for adults to get the results they want because their teeth and jaws are harder to move. That’s why it is better to get braces as early as possible.

At View Mobile Dental, we offer different types of braces for adults. We can help you decide whether you want traditional metal braces or clear aligners that are less noticeable. We also have ceramic braces that are more expensive but also more attractive. You need to keep your teeth clean with any type of braces, especially if you drink coffee, tea, wine, or smoke. As long as your oral health is good, you can get braces at any age.

What to Expect with Traditional Braces

If you need traditional braces to fix your teeth and jaw problems, you have to be patient and committed. You will have to wear metal braces for 12 to 24 months, depending on your case. After that, you will have to wear a retainer to protect your teeth from moving back. You will also have to visit your dentist every 4 to 6 weeks to adjust your braces and check your progress.

You have to take good care of your braces and your teeth while you have them. You have to avoid hard and sticky foods that can cause harm to your braces or get stuck in them. You also have to avoid sugary and starchy foods that can cause plaque to develop around your braces. Plaque can turn into tartar and hence, cause gum disease. You must brush and floss daily and use special tools to clean around your braces.

Traditional braces may not look very nice and may make you feel shy when you smile or talk. But they are the best way to fix your teeth and jaw problems and give you a beautiful smile.

What Other Options Do You Have?

When considering orthodontic options, individuals without significant teeth and jaw concerns may explore the alternative of clear aligners instead of traditional braces. Clear aligners are discreet plastic trays designed to fit snugly over teeth, orchestrating gradual adjustments. Not only do they offer a more comfortable experience, but they are also virtually invisible, providing a discreet solution for those conscious of their appearance during orthodontic treatment.

One notable advantage of clear aligners is their convenience, allowing users to remove them when eating or brushing their teeth, promoting better oral hygiene practices. However, it’s essential to note that clear aligners may not be suitable for everyone, as some cases require the comprehensive correction that traditional braces can provide, especially for individuals with pronounced bite or jaw issues. Consulting with an orthodontic professional is crucial to determine the most suitable treatment plan varying on individual needs, ensuring optimal oral health outcomes. Ultimately, the availability of clear aligners adds a versatile dimension to orthodontic choices, catering to those seeking a more discreet and flexible approach to teeth straightening.

You have to decide if you want to enhance your smile and your dental health with traditional braces or live with your problems for the rest of your life. We think you will choose traditional braces, even if they are a bit inconvenient because they will make a big difference in your life. Call us now to schedule an appointment with our dentist in your area.

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